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Urgent Action

When worker rights are being violated it's important that companies and governments know that thousands of people are watching how they deal with the issue.

It may take each individual only a few minutes to participate, but our combined actions make a difference. Your quick response can help pressure companies and governments to stop worker rights abuses when workers need it the most.

Please take a look at the Action Alerts below and take the time to respond to the current appeals.

September 13, 2012

Take action on killing of over 300 workers in Pakistan

fireOver 300 workers were killed in devastating factory fires on 11 September 2012 at a garment factory in Karachi and a shoe factory in Lahore, Pakistan. We urge all MSN supporters to join a LabourStart campaign by writing to the Pakistani Prime Minister calling on his government to investigate and punish those responsible, fully compensate the victims and their families, and identify the gaps in public oversight that allow factory owners to operate unsafe workplaces.

June 20, 2012

Violence Forces Mexican Worker Support Centre to Close; Demand Justice Now!

A month ago we asked you to appeal to the Mexican authorities to protect the lives of members of the Worker Support Centre (CAT - Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador, a leading Mexican worker rights group) following the May 15 kidnapping and torture of one of its members, José Enrique Morales Montaño - the latest in a string of violent attacks against the organization. As a result of this campaign of violence against their members, the CAT has now been forced to close its office in Puebla. We are asking you to once again urge the Mexican government to take further action in response to this development.

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