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Week of Action on freedom of association in Mexico

February 25, 2013

From February 18 to 24, 2013, activists from around the world gathered at Mexican embassies and consulates around the globe to protest systematic attacks on trade union rights in Mexico.

Mexico today is a country of unresolved labour disputes, persecution of democratic trade unionism, and an entrenched system of employer protection contracts that do not represent workers' true interests - all in violation of the fundamental Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organization.

Democratic trade unions and the workers they represent in Mexico continually struggle to exercise their rights. They are persecuted, arrested, and criminalized when they protest and mobilize against attacks from companies and federal and local authorities. Further, workers continue to be systematically excluded from any genuine process of collective bargaining. Both Local and Federal Labour Boards have repeatedly blocked workers' efforts to form democratic unions, instead approving "protection contracts" signed between employers and employer-dominated unions without the approval or even the knowledge of the workers.

The week of February 18 marks the anniversary of the terrible Pasta de Conchos mine disaster in 2006 that killed 65 miners. During that week, trade unionists worldwide expressed their solidarity with Mexican workers. Actions in Canada varied from protests to delivering letters to the Mexican government consulate offices.

In North America the week of actions was organized by the Tri-National Solidarity Alliance (TNSA), an alliance of trade union organizations as well as NGOs (including MSN) from Canada, Mexico and the USA.

For more information (from the global union federation IndustriALL):

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